the eggcheff singlefeed

A perfectly boiled egg, soft, medium or hardboiled... this can be done in one minute! The Eggcheff is the patented proof that a process that has never been changed or optimized for centuries can be challenged and improved! Years of studies, research, development and persistance have resulted in a unique, hybrid way of preparing a boiled egg. Customized for every consumer, prepared on the spot. Put a raw egg in The EggCheff, select how you want it and enjoy your egg only one minute later!

the eggcheff multifeed

Extensive market research learned us that hotels, larger (fastfood)companies and care homes need a machine that can not just boil a perfect egg very quickly. It is also necessary that it is easy to use and can process a lot of eggs in short time, preferably without the consumer needing to insert a raw egg. At Eggciting Products BV they challenged not only their own product designers at Well Design, but also the University of Technology Delft (TU Delft). Eggciting Products B.V. has proudly presented this unique solution in The Eggcheff, multifeed edition.

one minute egg

Off course every egg wants to be boiled in The Eggcheff, it doesn't get any better than this... Because we are challenging the way we used to boil an egg, we now start to challenge the way we buy eggs as well. Exclusively for the hospitality market we can make customized selections of eggs.

For example, you only want bio eggs or eggs from chickens that run freely in nature? We can provide that at demand, because we work with Europe's largest egg selecting and packaging companies. Try us and find out you can serve your guests the egg you selected especially for them.