• Patent

    The Eggcheff is covered in a granted Chinese patent with corresponding patent family applications pending in a number of countries, including all of Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

  • Marketresponse

    We are   over-
    whelmed by the marketresponse worldwide. The Eggcheff has received a very warm welcome by Hotel- and fastfoodchains worldwide! Foodequipment companies really love the idea of innovating the way we can serve a boiled egg in just one minute!

Eggciting revolution

Who doesn’t love a fresh boiled egg at breakfast or during the day? Everybody does…It only takes us some time, a lot of energy gets wasted, and the results are often not the way we want them to be.

Now, that is history…here is the solution; The Eggcheff is the perfect tabletop machine to boil your egg the way you want it, within one minute!! The Eggcheff is a patented concept, owned and developed by Eggciting Products BV, the Netherlands. In 2016 we are optimizing the first prototypes by extensive field tests and customer reviews. By the end of 2017 the first Eggcheffs will be available for the professional markets. At first the Eggcheff will only be available for professional markets, but promising as our product is, we plan to enter the consumer markets in a few years. Imagine; a perfectly boiled egg that fast and efficient…eggciting products bv makes it happen!

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The Eggcheff