• Patent

    The Eggcheff is covered in a granted Chinese patent with corresponding patent family applications pending in a number of countries, including all of Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

  • Marketresponse

    We are   over-
    whelmed by the marketresponse worldwide. The Eggcheff has received a very warm welcome by Hotel- and fastfoodchains worldwide! Foodequipment companies really love the idea of innovating the way we can serve a boiled egg in just one minute!

Who is Eggciting?

We develop Eggciting and revolutionary devices to prepare your meals and especially your eggs. The two leading patented products are the Scrambled Eggchef® and the Eggchef® cooker. Eggciting is owned by investors who have a long track record in food production, machinery and health products.

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Eggchef cooker

A revolutionary egg cooking device: the Eggchef® Cooker. It can cook and cool down an egg in 1-minute. You can choose if you want a soft, medium or hard-boiled egg with just one touch on the button. It uses a hybrid cooking technique and is patent protected. The Eggchef® can be sold in the same market segments as the Scrambled Eggchef® and the devices can easily work next to each other.

Eggchef Scrambled

A revolutionary scrambled egg cooking device: the Eggchef® scrambled. The device will prepare a portion of freshly made scrambled egg in just 1-minute! The customer or the employee only needs to press one button. It uses an innovative cooking technique and is patent protected.